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An advance directive ensures that your wishes are respected in the future. In the event that you become seriously ill or incapacitated, an advance directive will help to ensure that you are treated as you wish to be, even if you can’t verbally communicate your wishes at the time. If you want a say in your future healthcare, an advance directive ensures that your preferences will be honored. Regardless of age or current health status, any individual can have an advance directive to ensure that their preferences are met. 

Lora M. Howard can assist you in creating your advance directive in compliance with North Carolina law and will walk you through the entire process of creating your advance directive or appointing a healthcare power of attorney. 

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Preparing a Living Will 

Creating a living will and naming a power of attorney are two ways to ensure your wishes are met in the future. To prepare your living will, we will work on the written statement that outlines the type of care and treatment you want and do not want in the event you become incapacitated. In addition to the living will, you can designate a power of attorney (POA) for healthcare, a person you trust to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, if necessary.

If you already know what your healthcare preferences are, it is time to work on your living will and/or your power of attorney. At Lora M. Howard, we have extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, and we can help you complete everything quickly and effectively to ensure your future wellbeing is protected.  

Preparing a living will and naming a power of attorney will provide peace of mind not only to you but to your loved ones, who can rest more easily knowing they are honoring your wishes and desires in every decision they make on your behalf.  

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