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Your will is one of the most important documents in your estate planning. A will allows you to officially document important decisions to be executed when you’re gone. Decisions like: 

  • Naming which people and/or organizations you leave your property to
  • Appointing an executor to see that the terms of your will are carried out according to your wishes
  • Setting a personal guardian for your minor children and a trusted person to manage the property you leave to them

At L Howard Law, PLLC, we can help you carefully prepare your will to ensure your final wishes are met. We can also assist you in updating an existing will or trust. 

Contact Ms. Howard today to create, update, or modify your will. We can be reached at (336) 585-7009.

We Will Support You with All Aspects of Establishing and Managing a Trust

A trust is a legal arrangement that provides for the transfer of assets from owner to trustee. There are many different types of trusts, and we would be happy to advise you on which trust may be the best fit for you, your family, and your particular circumstances. 

Any individual can have a trust, which is especially recommended for small business owners, as a trust offers advantages to avoiding probate court, protecting assets, minimizing estate taxes, and distributing assets to your loved ones in the event of death. 

You can ensure that your loved ones and your property are protected during your lifetime with a living trust. We will support you with all aspects of establishing and managing a trust, from choosing the most suitable form of trust for your needs, removing or appointing trustees, taking care of accounts and taxes, and managing trusts. 

The Best Time to Start Working on Your Will or Trust Is Now

At L Howard Law, PLLC, we help our clients create secure wills and living trusts that they feel confident in. We understand and adapt to your needs and are available to answer your questions throughout the process. The best time to create your will and trust is now. 

With Ms. Howard, the process is straightforward. Get started today! Contact us online or at (336) 585-7009 for will and trust services in Greensboro, NC.

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