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We Can Help You Create & Manage an Inheritance Plan 

If you are concerned about providing for your loved ones after your death or if you have suffered the loss of a loved one and have legal questions about your inheritance, Lora M. Howard can help. We will make the process as efficient and easy as possible to ensure you have the tools and information you need to move forward with your inheritance matter. 

Contact Lora M. Howard for inheritance services in Greensboro: (336) 585-7009.  

Inheritance Services in Greensboro, NC

Since we opened our office, we have assisted many families in the inheritance process and transferred assets to beneficiaries. We work from start to finish, including helping our clients with taxes and providing them with information about their inheritance rights if they are an heir. 

We understand the laws that dictate how individuals receive their share of assets and which family members are entitled to claim an inheritance if they are not included expressly in the will. If you are in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to contact us for legal counsel. 

Worried About Estate Taxes? Reduce Taxes by Creating a Trust.

Creating a trust is one of the most common and effective ways to reduce estate taxes. A trust allows you to pass assets to beneficiaries after your death without going through probate, so we recommend you create one as soon as possible. Another way to minimize taxes is to give a portion of your estate to others, so donating to a charity is a good option if you are concerned about taxes. 

If you expect to leave money to people after you pass away, consider making gifts to your beneficiaries while you are alive to reduce the size of your estate. 

Contact Lora M. Howard for inheritance services in Greensboro. We can be reached online or by dialing (336) 585-7009

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